Global IP Transit

By connecting to our Tier 2 IP Network, you receive a secure uplink, ultra low-latency connectivity and premium mix. You have access to major Tier 1 providers and Internet Exchanges. 


No oversell or oversubscription! 100% guaranteed capacity!


S3 Company’s IP Transit service includes Nx100 Gbps global capacity and fully redundant MPLS Mesh Network.

Take this opportunity to get a full suite of connectivity through a single port. We can provide you with:

  • A custom solution based on your business needs
  • 24/7 proactive monitoring from our NOC team
  • Carrier-grade service level agreement (SLA)



By connecting through a single port to the S3 Company Network you receive a full range of enterprise services:


  • Carrier-grade IP Transit
  • Peering Transit to premium telecoms
  • DDoS Protection for all services
  • Access to all major CDN and cloud providers
  • Remote connect to all well-known IX
  • IP Transport to different sites over our backbone


  • Best possible routes with minimum hops
  • Ultra low-latency with minimal jitter and no packet loss
  • High-capacity redundant links with zero outages
  • Fast provisioning and scalable on the fly
  • Flexible billing with no commitment options
  • Option for IP leases and ASN registration
  • 24/7 on-site support with proactive monitoring
  • Personal Account manager and network engineer
  • Discounts on bundle services or upon prepayment
  • Industry-leading SLA 

Technical parameters

  • 100% guaranteed speed and capacity
  • Flexible CDR bandwidth from 1 Gbps to 400 Gbps
  • IPv4 and IPv6 on the same connection - fully dual-stack network
  • Jumbo frames allowed (9000 bytes MTU) to achieve higher throughput
  • Juniper based backbone with fully redundant mesh topology
  • Option for multiple BGP sessions or static routing
  • IP Traffic Engineering based on BGP communities
  • Secured Internet routing - RPKI-based origin validation
  • Option for link aggregation or physical reservation
  • DWDM-based network


Take advantage of the opportunity to connect to our network to receive a complete portfolio of IP services. In addition to receiving competitive prices, you count on an uncompromising connection to the global network.
Connecting to one physical port, gives you a reliable connection and freedom to work.




You receive peering to AS44901 and the opportunity to request any of the services we offer - connection to Tier 1 providers, Internet Exchanges, CDN, and Cloud services. All listed services are protected by our own DDoS protection system that analyzes traffic in real time. Managing your chosen services through one port also means easier management and one single invoice.

Building and managing a client network

Our network specialists can advise you on how to build or update your network so that it works efficiently and in accordance with your business needs.
If you don't have in-house network architects, you can trust our colleagues to design and build your network according to your requirements.

For your convenience, as our customers, you have the option to rent the equipment you need, such as routers and switches, for the duration of the service provided. This will allow you to save unnecessary costs of purchasing the individual elements required to build your network.