S3 Company Enhances Energy Infrastructure with New Diesel Generator

S3 Company proudly announces the acquisition of a new 1 MW diesel generator. The increasing number of our clients and the growing demand for reliable energy solutions have led to an update of the company's infrastructure and backup ...

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S3 Company joins the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies (BAIT)

S3 Company is one of the newest members of the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies (BAIT). It is the largest, most representative, and most influential industry organization in the field of information and communication ...

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S3 Company team to participate in Data Center Istanbul Event

S3 Company is pleased to announce its participation in the upcoming Data Center Istanbul event on December 5th. Now in its 6th consecutive year, the event serves as a key meeting point for the data center industry in Turkey and the ...

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Ivaylo Gubov ranked third in the server assembly competition at the Data Center Expo

Representatives of S3 Company visited the renowned Data Center Expo in Frankfurt, which took place on May 10 and 11, 2023. Data Center Expo is a prestigious event that brings together professionals and enthusiasts from the technology ...

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S3 Company set to take part in Peering days '23

S3 representatives will take part in Peering Days - an international conference of experts directed at network engineers, peering coordinators, internet providers, cloud administrators and data center operators in Central and ...

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The S3 Company team set to take part in first Central and Eastern European Data Center Event

The S3 team will take part in one of the most popular networking events in the region, where professionals from the telecom industry meet to create new business contacts, learn more about best practices in the industry, exchange ...

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S3 Company representatives set to take part in CEE CEE Summer 7 in Belgrade

CEE CEE is a leading event in Southeast Europe in the field of telecommunications, information security and digital transformation, which will take place on the 9th and 10th of September 2021, in Belgrade (Serbia). This is one of the ...

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