Remote IX

The service allows you to connect remotely to your chosen Internet Exchanges located in different parts of Europe through the S3 Company network.

Through this service you become a full member of the selected IX and have the opportunity to exchange traffic with other participants.



  • 1
    Direct connection with other participants that allows you to fully manage your traffic through BGP
  • 2
    Lower time delays compared to IP transit
  • 3
    Better price for bundle service by using our transfer to NNI port on IX
  • 4
    Higher reliability of the service - all transmissions are protected through at least two independent routes
  • 5
    Easy and fast activation


  • Including yourself in IX will drastically reduce your IP Transit connectivity costs.


  • Remote IX saves the need for multiple contracts with different Internet Exchanges.


  • Regardless of the size of your company, you can exchange traffic with your desired partners without restrictions on where they are located geographically.


  • You use already built infrastructure and save on the need to invest in equipment and physical presence in every desired IX point.





  • Choice of capacity from 1Gbps to 100Gbps
  • Ability to connect up to several IX through one port
  • Favorable conditions for connection to more than one Internet Exchange



Internet Exchange Points

Мaking the connection to the Internet exchanges