Carrier Connect

S3 Data Center is a neutral data center. As our clients, you can choose which ISP to purchase internet service or connectivity from.

When your business needs to access Tier 1 or carrier providers, ISPs, local networks or dark fibre, or L2 transport providers, you can rely on our data center and carrier-connect service. Our partners provide diverse independent routes and guarantee the lowest latency in the region.



  • 1
    Independent and reserved internet connections
  • 2
    You manage the traffic yourself
  • 3
    You can sign a contract directly with a provider or use our already agreed terms
  • 4
    Low latency, no intermediate hops between you and the provider
  • 5
    Easy activation and fast connection building
  • 6
    Opportunity to rent or purchase network equipment from us, according to your needs
  • 7
    Strategic location compared to other data centers
  • 8
    Three independent cable routes in the data center area (S3 Data Center)
  • 9
    Triple reserved cable routes to the building
  • 10
    Coverage of all local telecom operators in the data center
  • 11
    Our own DWDM ring to other data centers

We offer the following connection options:

  • Direct cross-connect to the providers equipment

  • VLAN through our NNI port

  • Fiber or DWDM lambda rental to your chosen location in Sofia

If your preferred operator is not on the list, you can use S3’s readily available and reserved DWDM network to connect to other data centers in Bulgaria and abroad.