Rack Colocation

Renting an entire colocation cabinet gives you the security and flexibility to co-locate new equipment easy and fast. 
Arrange your machines according to your desire and model, or you can trust our team to suggest an equipment arrangement that allows for efficient cooling and easy follow-up work, assembly and disassembly.
You can co-locate high power machines in one cabinet without affecting their cooling efficiency. The co-location rooms are designed to cool up to 12 kW per cabinet without problems. That way you won't have to rent additional space.
As our customer, you have a comfortable space in which to prepare your equipment for installation or work on its configurations.

Rack Colocation

Dimensions Full rack, 1070x600 mm Half rack, 1070x600 mm Quarter rack, 1070x600 mm
Free 1 month test period*




Individual electricity meter




Maximum power usage (A+B feeds) 12kW 6kW 3kW
Precise cooling: 22.0° ± 2°C temperature and 45-50% RH humidity




Included Premium IP transit 500 Mbps Shared 250 Mbps Shared 250 Mbps Shared
Dual-stack IP subnets 1 IPv4 + Unlimited** IPv6 1 IPv4 + Unlimited** IPv6 1 IPv4 + Unlimited** IPv6
Optional: BGP Session with AS44901 25 EUR per month 25 EUR per month 25 EUR per month
Free IPMI / OOB management port




Optional: Cross-connect to other member 1 free of charge 15 EUR per month 15 EUR per month
White label management panel




24/7 Remote hands and eyes 30 min free of charge 30 min free of charge 30 min free of charge
24/7 Access to the data center




Free initial installation and configuration




Warehouse with spare parts in the data center




Colocation in another data center in Sofia




Discount for annual prepayment 10% 10% 10%
*One time per customer      
**Up to /64 IPv6 subnet      

White Label

With us you have the opportunity to use the full White Label of your chosen service. We offer individual and safe conditions for resellers.
Through White Label, customers only see your name and recognize you as the only service provider.

We offer:

  • White Label on IP addresses
  • White Label on client panel
  • Ability to register your autonomous system (ripe / lir page)
  • Rental of IP addresses and placing your Whois information (ripe / lir our page)

Why colocate in S3C?

  • Designed and built according to the TIER III standard
  • Carrier-neutral data center
  • 24/7 technical support and monitoring
  • Own warehouse with spare parts for servers
  • Preferential prices of server components
  • Interconnection with other customers and operators
  • Free installation of server and telecommunication equipment
  • Free initial software installation and configuration
  • Free 30-day non-binding test period for all services


  • PCI DSS, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified
  • 24/7 qualified technical support
  • Technical capacity for diagnostics and repair of server equipment
  • Opportunity for connection to other data centers in Sofia
  • Opportunity for colocation in our closet in other data centers in Sofia
  • Distance to the nearest airport: 4.5 km
  • Freight entrance and parking for customers
  • More than 5000U running servers!

Colocation parameters

  • Temperature: ~ 21.0˚C | Humidity: ~ 50.0%
  • High quality 48U cabinets with 90% door perforation
  • 50 cm double floor with a load of up to 1200 kg / m2
  • Possibility for up to 4 x 25A fuse on the cabinet
  • Individual online electricity meters for metering of electricity consumption
  • Providing Zero-U PDU power strips and cable arrangers
  • Colocation room available for Desktop and Mining equipment
  • Possibility for private cells and colocation halls


  • Strategic location between the other data centers
  • Three independent cable routes in the data center area
  • Triple reserved cable approaches to the building
  • Presence of all local telecom operators
  • Ability to build wireless connections
  • Own DWDM ring to other data centers

Electrical parameters

  • Main power supplies from two independent substations
  • Separate substations with 2 x 1000 kVA transformers
  • Reserved diesel generator 1000 kVA (N + 1)
  • Modular redundant UPS systems 230 / 400V
  • Separate electrical panels for different power supply groups (A + B)
  • Smart monitoring of power supplies


  • High-efficiency precision air conditioning (N + 1)
  • Hot and cold areas - possibility of cooling up to 12 kW per cabinet
  • Free cooling and indirect adiabatic cooling
  • Warehouse with spare parts for HVAC systems
  • Constant monitoring of temperature and humidity


  • Video surveillance of the collocation halls and the data center
  • NFC card access control system
  • 24/7 physical security of the perimeter around the data center
  • Fire alarm system with smoke and fire sensors
  • 24-hour authorized access for customers
  • Individual locks for each cabinet
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) - 99.99%